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Work Better Together with Group Volunteering

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Hearts for the Homeless®. Group volunteering gives you the chance to make positive contributions to the community, develop team-building skills and provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Volunteering as a group is a great way to get out in the community and help Hearts carry out our mission while having rewarding experiences. When you volunteer with your friends or coworkers, it can help you all work together better and make a big difference for those in need!

Groups, whether big or small*, are always looking for ways to get involved with the community. Volunteering in the community with your peers can be extremely beneficial for your organization and for Hearts. 

Benefits of volunteering as a group:

If you’re looking for a way to engage a group and bring out the best in people, consider volunteering together. These are four benefits of volunteering as a group:

  1. It’s a fun, casual way to get to know your coworkers outside of their daily roles in the workplace. You’ll learn about people’s passions and interests in a different way.
  2. A break in routine can be beneficial. You can all work towards a common goal that connects you to a greater cause or mission.
  3. Volunteering as a group can also promote team bonding or even cross-department connections that helps strengthen your team from the inside out!
  4. Help your community in a big way! Just five people doing an hour of work can expand a whole day of time and effort for a Hearts staff member. This helps us serve our clients and achieve our mission.

Over the years, thousands of volunteers have come through our doors to serve those in need. Our volunteers are families, businesses, churches, and community groups from diverse backgrounds who generously give their time to help in our commercial kitchen, food pantry, mobile food pantry, and our food pantry express. 

What type of group are you?

  • Middle School, High School, or College Group: Students will make a positive difference in a short amount of time and the collective impact can be immense! These volunteering opportunities allow students to give back right in their own community. Students under the age of 18 must have parents or chaperones present during the volunteering time.  
  • Corporate Group: Corporate volunteering programs are an exciting and meaningful way for your team to engage in corporate social responsibility activities and develop team-building skills. Volunteering enables employees to donate their time and skills to Hearts’ mission and help the development of problem-solving skills, resilience, collaboration and a service mind-set. We can help make your coordination simple and seamless by providing a custom digital sign up calendar for your employees to sign up and join the day of service. Please ask us if this is something you’re interested in.
  • Church Group: Volunteering is a great way to get plugged into your church, get involved with the community, and serve Jesus at the same time. God has uniquely equipped every person with specific skills and gifts. We are tasked with utilizing these gifts in our community to help those in need. Using our God-given skills as a volunteer is a fantastic way to serve God while simultaneously helping in Hearts’ mission.
  • Friends and Family Group: Volunteer as a big family with children or a large group of friends. This is an incredible way to bond with your loved ones, make a positive impact, and create lasting memories together. It gives you quality time together while instilling the values of service.

For more information about group volunteering at Hearts or to discuss any unique volunteer situations, please contact us at

*Hearts for the Homeless® has a max of 10 people to a group at one time. If your group is larger than 10 people, we recommend volunteering in shifts. For example, the first 10 people can volunteer from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. The next 10 people can volunteer from 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM and so on. Please contact us for more information.