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WKBW Channel 7 Food Pantry Express Coverage

Hearts' CEO & President, Nick Calandra, spoke with Krizia Williams from WKBW Channel 7 News about our newest outreach program, Hearts Food Pantry Express.

This program presents a new and unique opportunity for Hearts to travel beyond the borders of the city limits and provide food to different communities within Western New York. Hearts Food Pantry Express brings a client-choice food pantry into communities in need. These areas are facing consistent gaps in service because either food pantries do not exist or those in need can not reach them from a lack of transportation. 

"We see now more than ever as inflation continues and folks are just still squeezed every day in their budgets that being able to get some assistance and relief makes a big difference," said Calandra.

Hearts is dedicating the Food Pantry Express to not only help physically nourish the members of these communities but also feed people spiritually. We believe it is a great privilege and honor to meet new faces and form relationships with our neighbors outside of the city of Buffalo

"Relationship ministry is at the core of Hearts for the Homeless. And using food as a conduit to be able to connect with folks and understand where they are and try to be a beacon of hope and light in their life," said Calandra.

Check out the Hearts Food Pantry Express webpage for more information on this program.