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Hearts for the Homeless relies on volunteers to help us carry out our programs.

Over the years, hundreds of volunteers have come through our doors. Our volunteers are men and women from diverse backgrounds with hearts to serve who give their free time to help in our thrift store; as well as, serve the poor and homeless through our mobile soup kitchen.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Hearts please see the job descriptions below.  Volunteer applications can be downloaded on this website. Once you have filled them out, you can send them back to us via email at or USPS to Hearts for the Homeless, PO Box 437, Buffalo, NY 14223

Thrift Store Assistant

Volunteers in our thrift shop help with various day to day tasks in helping to maintain a tidy store; as well as, helping customers by answering their questions or getting merchandise requested that is not out in the store. Thrift Store hours are Monday – Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen volunteers assist Hearts’ cook to prepare sandwiches and hot meals that our Volunteer Mobile Crews distribute to our poor and homeless clients. Other tasks that a kitchen volunteer may be asked to do is package desserts, make up food bags, or organize the food pantry.

Mobile Crew Member

Hearts has been feeding the homeless since 1990.  We use 5 separate Mobile Crew Teams; each volunteer crew member goes out on the same night weekly. The Mobile Crew Teams meet at our center at 890 Tonawanda St. (Buffalo, 14207). Together the team travels aboard our shuttle bus that we call The Mobile Soup Kitchen and take already prepared food to the Erie County/Buffalo Library Downtown to serve the homeless and poor who will be waiting in line to receive their meal. Together we return to our Tonawanda St. address.

When the teams arrive, they work for about 15 minutes in the kitchen doing prep work (gathering food and items that will be distributed to clients). Once that is done, they drive downtown to feed the homeless and poor. In addition to food, we also hand out clothing, toiletries and various other items that they need to get through each day.  Different tasks you may be asked to do during our feeding process are distributing clothing, personal care items or meals; administering the sign in sheets for clients; or speaking with the clients – finding out additional needs or advising them on shelters, and other resources. All team members share in clean up.

A complete volunteer job description for a Mobile Crew Member is below: