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When you’ve been blessed with a donation of 10,000 bars of soap, you want to spread the joy and share what you have.

The company Soap Box reached out to Hearts about receiving a soap donation. We quickly accepted, as soap is one item that is crucial to the safety and well-being of the homeless. Soap box partners with the nonprofit Clean The World who distributes soap to communities in need, and for every product Soap Box sells, they ask Clean the World to create and donate a bar of soap to a charity. Imagine the magnitude and impact of their work when they showed up at Hearts with 10,000 bars of soap!

Receiving such an enormous donation allows us to not only share it with our homeless clients, but to also share it with other homeless shelters and agencies that offer shower facilities to those living on the street. And, this is where your creative hands can help. We are asking all knitters and crocheters to make soap sacks for these bars of soap. You will find the patterns below along with information for dropping off your donation. We thank you in advance.

100% cotton yarn is preferred.

Riverside Ave Donation Drop Off - Please use the Riverside Ave side of our building. 890 Tonawanda St.

Can't make soap sacks? Please consider donating to our cause instead. Thank you!