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September 2019 Newsletter

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On Our Hearts

Stepping into Fall on the Right Foot

Hearts ends the summer season with such gratitude for each of you. You have stood by us during these hot summer months and also helped us pave the way for a successful fall/winter season. September is that transition month that sets off our thinking to what’s ahead. To some, fall means back to school, for others it’s the start of new programs. And, for Hearts it means preparation for the start up of our fall feeding program.

Hearts for the Homeless Three ladies volunteering

These sweet ladies arrived with 2 car loads of school supplies and delivered cases of water all summer long collected by The Chapel’s Legacy Group.

Hearts for the Homeless - Man getting water and a sandwich

Through your generosity and immeasurable efforts, we have achieved our summer goals to:

Keep our poor and homeless clients hydrated.

Retain a well-stocked thrift shop. Ours is bursting with merchandise in every department (read on to see how your donations helped us to help others get through traumatic events).

Recycle and repurpose unwanted clothing and household goods to help restore lives.

Get through the demolishing process and begin the interior construction for the new food pantry and café.

Feed, clothe, and help hundreds of poor and homeless people every week.

Give school supplies to local families; as well as, donate school supplies to the Kidspeace organization.

Restock our kitchen pantry with needed canned goods for our hot meal season starting October 1st.

And through your unselfish volunteerism, we continue to:

Give hope to the hurting and afflicted.

Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Provide friendship, understanding, and care to thousands each year.

We thank you in advance for your continued support:

Through your giving, our kitchen is well-prepared for the start up of our fall/winter season with canned goods that we use in our hot meal recipes. This is so important in keeping the feeding program going. But, a hot meal each night that we go out to feed uses dozens of cans in order to serve 50+ people. So, the storehouse empties quickly. It’s a persistent need all year long.

Hearts for the Homeless food pantry

Hearts also continually gathers blankets, outer wear – coats, gloves, boots, and toiletries, anything to make life on the street easier. Many of you have organized and carried out clothing drives or cleaned out your closets. These items are given out as soon as we receive them. The homeless (and the poor people) that we serve ask for these items on a continual basis. We try to keep enough on hand to get us through the winter season.

Hearts for the Homeless - Brian with a client in line downtown

Imagine carrying everything you own everywhere you go. Items get dirty, wet, lost, or stolen along the way. The homeless go in and out of shelters, most require a check-in time at 8pm and check-out at 8am leaving the homeless to wander during the day time hours until it is time to return at night. Their need for blankets, dry clothing, and socks is a regular occurrence.

Hearts for the Homeless - Man receiving food

We welcome your continued donations.

Do you have 2 hours available one night a week and interested in helping feed the homeless? Email, call our office at 716-877-3536, or fill out an application online at

By donating, your support changes lives.


Talk from the Street & Heart

8/28: Served 71 – big crowd; previously, that same crowd signed a thank you card for Hearts kitchen staff to show appreciation for preparing the food that is served to them daily. 

Hearts for the Homeless - Thank you card

Hearts for the Homeless - Ardrey making sandwiches

Support the homeless by donating to one of our red Donation Bins. Donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories can be made at one of our 400+ distinctive red bins. Your donations directly support the poor and homeless. While proceeds from our thrift store and recycling ministry are used to feed those in need and to maintain and expand our ministry. Use our Bin Finder below to find your nearest donation bin:

Bin Finder

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Hearts Thrift Shop

Support Hearts Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop News

Answer to prayer: One of our thrift shop customers, Jackie, asked for prayer for lung cancer. She recently came in to let us know that she is currently cancer free and that the chemo and the prayers helped a lot. However, the chemo caused sores in her mouth; so, we are now praying for Jackie’s mouth and believe she will get relief.

Free clothing and household items: Hearts received two urgent calls. -A family of 6 had a fire and lost everything. We were able to provide summer, school, and fall clothing. We also provided household items, games for the younger kids, and a gift card to The Gap. -Another tragedy at just about the same time took place. A car crashed into the side of a home causing a gas leak. The family had to evacuate and the gas leak ruined just about every household item. Hearts provided curtains, towels, and other household items f or this family who were placed into a new apartment.

Support for Kids Fun Day Program: We were happy to donate prizes and gifts for a children’s program at True Disciples of Jesus Christ Church. Many children gave their hearts to Jesus. We hope to support this program again next year.


Where to find Hearts for the Homeless’ Thrift Store

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