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Second-Hand Summer Reading

With beach and park season upon us, basking in the sun with a good book is a given. There’s no better time to dive into the world of books and restart a love of reading than the summer: where relaxation suddenly seems that much more is possible. Through the magic of second-hand books, you can embark on your summer reading journey in the most affordable way – letting you immerse yourself in captivating stories and travel through the pages, while saving for that weekend getaway you’ve been thinking about.

The Hearts Thrift Stores have bookshelves full of amazing finds waiting to be picked up. Books are one of the most wonderful things to thrift, because they can be read so many times before you start to see any wear or tear. 


Whether you love fiction, nonfiction, adventure, or beach read gems, you can find something new on the shelves at the Hearts Thrift Stores to keep your mind sharp this summer. Make a list of titles or authors that you’d love to read more of and head into a Hearts Thrift Store. You’d be surprised to see what you can find! The books in our Media Department are often FREE – a huge savings compared to a $20-30 retail price. Plus, by picking up books at the Hearts Thrift Stores and donating books you’ve finished reading already, you’re contributing to a wider circle of accessible literature in our community, expanding the horizons for everyone who looks to the Hearts Thrift Stores to shop for more affordable items.

At the Hearts Thrift Stores, every donation and every purchase contributes to the organization’s larger mission of helping clothe and feed the chronic homeless and people in need. Donating books to the Hearts Thrift Stores creates hope for those in need while enriching the minds of the community with second-hand reading.

Visit a Hearts Thrift Store near you to donate your used books and to find more beloved stories to fill your bookshelves.