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Redemption Center

In keeping with the tradition at Hearts of creating revenue generating programs to help fund our outreach and ministries, our can and bottle recycling center is now open. This small but efficient space gives the community a convenient place to return their cans and bottles. We also accept cans and bottles as a donation and process them to benefit our outreach programs, including the food pantry operation located in the same building.

To redeem your can and bottle return voucher, the ticket the machine gives you after completing your returns, visit Hearts Thrift Shop across the parking lot. Should you choose to purchase items from the Thrift Shop with that voucher, you will receive a 10% discount towards same day purchases.

How it works:

The New York State Returnable Container Act, also known as the “Bottle Bill”, provides redemption centers such as Hearts Redemption Center funds to process bottles and cans. The Bottle Bill provides Hearts a handling fee for each can and bottle processed through our machines.

The following explanation is from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:

“Deposit initiators collect at least a 5-cent deposit from each distributor or dealer on each beverage container sold to such distributors or dealers in New York. Dealers (commonly referred to as “retailers”) pay the distributor or deposit initiator at least a 5-cent deposit for each beverage container purchased. Consumers pay the dealers the deposit for each beverage container purchased. Consumers may then return their empty beverage containers to a dealer or redemption center to get their deposit back. Retailers and redemption centers are reimbursed the deposit plus a 3.5-cent handling fee by the distributor or the deposit initiator for each empty beverage container returned.”

Hearts will end up with 2.5 -cent per container due to offering the community 6-cents per container. This extra penny means a lot to so many people. Hearts is able to do this by keeping overhead low and building on existing resources located on the Hearts Tonawanda Street campus.

Get your 6 cents:

You can support Hearts by returning your cans and bottles at our redemption center. Each container processed will benefit Hearts and you get an extra penny for each one. We encourage everyone to look around the Thrift Shop while on site. The store is filled with wonderful items and all proceeds from the store support the various outreach programs operated by Hearts.

Groups and large collectors are encouraged to email . We are happy to make additional arrangements for your cans and bottles.

Give your 6 cents:

If you are interested in supporting Hearts with your cans and bottles we will get 8.5 cents for each container you donate to Hearts. You can either put your containers through the machines and donate the voucher at the Thrift Shop or you can simply drop off your can and bottle donations at our main building, 890 Tonawanda Street. Please ring the bell at the side door in the parking lot and we can receive your can and bottle donations. This is a great way to support Hearts. 

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