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October 2019 Newsletter

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Happiness is a Hot Meal and Dry Socks

Towards the end of September, our poor and homeless clients began talking about and gearing up for what they knew was only a few days away. They look forward to October 1st every year. This is the day that Hearts adds a hot meal (from October 1st – May 1st) to their regular sandwich meal. It is also the time of year that churches, area businesses, and individuals like to bake and prepare extras to go with the meals we serve. All who stand in line at the Buffalo & Erie County Library downtown receive all these extras along with the usual take-away supper we give them.

Hearts for the Homeless - Scooping meal into cups

Partnering with Other Outreaches Ensures Clients Eat Every Day

Hearts for the Homeless has been partnering with local outreaches for many years so that each day of the week a meal is available for those in need. During the fall and winter seasons, Canisius College Campus Ministry provides a sandwich ministry on Sundays at the same place Hearts feeds at the downtown library. The Salvation Army also has a sandwich ministry that they provide on Mondays. This allows our clients to receive a take-away meal 7 days a week during the coldest season of the year.

This year’s fall season has us hitting the ground running. We’ve already received snacks bags with encouraging scripture notes, bologna sandwich meal bags embellished with encouraging messages, homemade muffins, and even a youth group came and handed out socks to our clients.

Hearts for the Homeless snack bags

Hearts for the Homeless handing out socks

Hearts does our very best to provide for the needs of the poor and homeless through all of your donations – food, clothing, toiletries, blankets, and yes, dry socks! What could be more comforting after walking in the cold elements outside than eating a hot meal and putting on a nice pair of warm socks!

Hearts for The Homeless handing out socks


Here is the current list of items we collect during the winter months: Brand New or Gently Used – Warm Gloves, Thermal Socks, Face Masks, Hats, Boots, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Fleece or Flannel Shirts, Jackets Winter Coats, Blankets, and Sleeping Bags.

Do you have 2 hours available one night a week and interested in helping feed the homeless? Email, call our office at 716-877-3536 or fill out an application online at

By donating, your support changes lives.


Talk from the Street & Heart

9/26: Served 55 very hungry clients – they couldn’t get enough, eating very fast; they were happy to hear hot meal season starts next week. We let some 11 year old neighborhood kids on the bus for a tour and answered a million questions about what we do!

Hearts for the Homeless - food bus line

Hearts for the Homeless Happy man receiving sandwich


Support the homeless by donating to one of our red Donation Bins. Donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories can be made at one of our 400+ distinctive red bins. Your donations directly support the poor and homeless. While proceeds from our thrift store and recycling ministry are used to feed those in need and to maintain and expand our ministry. Use our Bin Finder below to find your nearest donation bin:

Bin Finder

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Hearts Thrift Shop

Support Hearts Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop News

A letter we received from a customer is worth sharing again: “Back in the mid-90’s I lived in Riverside. I was a single mom-very young, and according to economic guidelines living in poverty. I remember how much your (thrift) store meant to someone like me, trying to make ends meet. Many, many times I purchased clothing for my young daughter, or household goods. Things became better for me and in 1999; I became a nurse and moved out of Riverside to the suburbs. A few years ago, I began seeing your donation bins around, I was so glad to be able to give back to an organization that I felt actually helped me in my time of need. Today, I was in the Riverside area for the first time in a very long time, so I stopped in. The store looked almost the same and I browsed for a long time; but, mostly I people watched. I watched a young mom that could have been me 20 years ago purchase winter coats for her kids. I watched an older man looking for work pants for a job he just got, and another woman trying on winter hats. I understand your organization is based on helping the homeless, but I hope you understand how much your organization helps others out as well. Keep up the good work!”

Hearts for the Homeless Thrift Shop Kids Items

Hearts Thrift Shop was able to help a young man currently a resident at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center who came from out of town. He was in need of clothing, boots, and outerwear. His sister came to pick up the clothing at no cost their family. She was so grateful for the help her brother received from us. She ended up blessing Hearts in return as she spent time shopping for herself. She even picked up more items for her brother and paid for those as well.


Where to find Hearts for the Homeless’ Thrift Store

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