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National Fuel Becomes A Sponsor For The Hearts Commercial Kitchen Renovation

For close to 25 years, the commercial kitchen at Hearts has largely remained unchanged and has been preparing meals to serve those in need year after year. In turn, impacting the lives of tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters.

Originally designed specifically for the Hearts Mobile Soup Kitchen program, the kitchen has become stretched to its capacity and to its capabilities. As Staff and volunteers prepare meals using donated produce and other items, the kitchen’s limitations are becoming evident. For years, our Mobile Soup Kitchen has been a beacon of warmth and sustenance for countless individuals struggling with homelessness and making ends meet. But its heart, the bustling commercial kitchen, now faces its own challenge – keeping up with the ever-growing demand.

A retired employee of National Fuel and a dedicated Hearts volunteer took interest in Hearts’ Commercial Kitchen renovation project, specifically the need for a convection oven. He ended up speaking with National Fuel about the need we had for funding for the project. National Fuel reached out to us to learn more and because of the generosity of an anonymous donor, they said they wanted to couple their donation of $6,000 with the anonymous donor’s contribution and that would provide Hearts with the funding for the convection oven.

Thank you to National Fuel for being a part of the Hearts for the Homeless family. Building a brighter future with modern equipment will mean more meals, cooked faster and healthier, reaching thousands of people in need each month. 

With the power of community, we’re not just filling plates but hearts too. Spread the word, share this story, and help us build a kitchen that reflects the boundless generosity of your heart. Together, we can nourish, empower, and transform lives.

Visit our Commercial Kitchen Renovation Project webpage to get involved today!