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May 2019 Newsletter

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Heading into Spring & Summer – Let’s not Forget the Homeless or the Agencies that Help Them

Aah! – Finally, the two seasons that most of us in Buffalo look forward to are finding their way here. Warmer air, easier driving, vacation time, and outdoor activities make winter woes seem far in the past. For Hearts’ homeless clients, it means life on the streets will be a bit nicer compared to weather related challenges like moving around with more gear to stay alive in the bitter cold. 

Recently, a homeless man was at one of Hearts’ donation bins just as one of our drivers was about to empty it.  The homeless man was putting his winter items into the donation bin and said this was a way for him to give back for the help he has received.

Although summer can be an easier time to live on the streets, there are heat challenges such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, and sunburn. Those that struggle with addictions also face extreme temptation because there are more outside activities where alcohol and drugs can be found.

Homeless man receiving water bottle

During this season, we can all help by being more aware of the homeless around us. Interacting with the homeless and giving items directly to them would be a welcomed gift. Handing off a bottle of water or cool drink can be just what a homeless person needs. If you suspect heat exhaustion or illness, let them know you will call 911 or for non-emergencies dial 211 for other services like places to eat, shelters, etc. Private businesses can help by hiring ready-to-work homeless individuals.

You should also support the local agencies that help our street friends by giving financially or donating needed supplies. Favorite items of Hearts clients for spring and summer are: razors & bar soap, deodorant, bottled water, backpacks or carry bags, sneakers, sandals, white socks, blankets, tissues, hats & visors.

With all the activities, and hustle and bustle of the summer, the homeless and the agencies that serve them tend to be unintentionally forgotten. This summer, please remember the homeless and the agencies that help make their lives a little more bearable.

The spring/summer season is also a great time to volunteer on one of our Mobile Crews that go out to feed our homeless clients. Hearts’ Wednesday night team is looking for a new team member. They meet at Hearts at 5:00pm and it takes less than 2 hours to feed our clients from start to finish. If you are interested, call our office at 716-877-3536 or fill out an application online at

We wish you a fantastic spring and summer season. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

By donating, your support changes lives.



Talk from the Street & Heart

4/4: One man who received a blanket was so grateful he hugged the blanket so tight it brought tears to our eyes.” 

Homeless man holding blankets

Support the homeless by donating to one of our red Donation Bins. Donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories can be made at one of our 400+ distinctive red bins. Your donations directly support the poor and homeless. While proceeds from our thrift store and recycling ministry are used to feed those in need and to maintain and expand our ministry. Use our Bin Finder below to find your nearest donation bin:

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Hearts Thrift Shop

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Thrift Shop News

♥ Your donations have a positive impact on our customers! This photo was taken in the thrift shop of a family enjoying their shopping experience. But, what struck us most was the way the little girl was clutching to a wooden jewelry box she was going to buy. We watched her walking around the store and our hearts just melted as we observed how carefully she clutched it close to her and how happy she was to be buying it. A big thank you to the donor for giving Hearts the opportunity to put a smile on this young girls face.

Family shopping in Heart's thrift shop

♥ A friend of Maria in our thrift shop has been helping a Muslim family in the Riverside area where our thrift shop is located. Upon hearing the great price our thrift shop had on bike helmets, Maria’s friend was able to come and purchase 6 of them, at only $1.00 each, so that each child in this family could have one.


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