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June 2023 Newsletter

The Empowerment Of Faith and Service Within Our Community

Man and woman talkingSince 1990 Hearts has been motivated by faith. Our mission, inspired by scripture and our existence to this day, is made possible by God.

Over the years, with your generous and faithful support, we’ve been carrying out a calling to not only feed the hungry and care for those in need as we are instructed to do in scripture but to also share God’s word and build relationships with those who may never have experienced His love through the actions of others.

Man with hand on shoulder of person with large blue suitcaseFor our staff and volunteers, faith and service are two integral components that often go hand in hand. Faith is a deep-rooted trust and confidence in God and His word. It is a belief system that guides us in our understanding of the world and our place in it. Faith can provide comfort, inspiration, and hope, serving as a foundation for one’s actions.

Two guys talkingHunger is a tangible need in our community. This is a need that we can physically fill through our outreach programs. Through fulfilling this need, the door opens for opportunities to build relationships with community members whom Hearts is serving; often the chronic homeless, poor and those in need. Meeting tangible needs provides a conduit to share why we do what we do and how our work is an extension of God’s love. That is where what some consider a hand out becomes the ultimate hand up. When people witness the love of Jesus and learn that God’s plan for all of us is to prosper and have a better future through Him, it is their start towards taking steps to a better life.

The relationship between faith and service, or work, is often described as interdependent. Faith fuels the motivation and intention behind one’s work. While work validates and authenticates the sincerity of one’s faith. Without work, faith can become stagnant, theoretical, and disconnected from the realities of life. Conversely, without faith, work can lose its purpose and devolve into mere performative actions lacking genuine conviction.

We encourage volunteers to consider using the moments they have with our clients as opportunities to share God’s word with them. This way, faith and service can form a synergy that empowers individuals to lead purposeful lives. All of us can let our faith become a living testament, inspiring others to experience God’s love and take action in bettering their lives.

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From Hearts Kitchen

“Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter.” ~Isaiah 58:7

MAY 2023

Total Clients Served at Library: 1,491
Male: 1,100
Female: 390
Seniors: 29
Children: 34
Meal Bags Made for Buffalo Dream Center Outreach: 400

Talk From The Street & Heart

“It it wasn’t for these people, sometimes I don’t know where I would get food from.” 

~ Darryl D., Mobile Soup Kitchen Client

People outside of mobile soup kitchen

Hearts Thrift Store

Hearts Harvest Food Pantry

People shopping at the Harvest Food Pantry

Food pantry shoppers were able to take individual sizes of 1% milk and choose from a variety of pasta. They could choose from whole wheat pasta or a family favorite, Kraft macaroni and cheese.

In May, Hearts Harvest Food Pantry Served 12,402 Meals


The Hearts Harvest Food Pantry provides physical nourishment through groceries. The food pantry offers a dignified program utilizing a “client choice” distribution method so individuals and families can choose the food that personally suits their needs.

Hearts Mobile Food Pantry

People shopping at Mobile Food Pantry

Thanks to our food recovery partnership with Chick-Fil-A, clients were able to take individual servings of chicken and additional donations provided meal sides.

In May, Hearts Mobile Food Pantry Served 341 Individuals


Hearts Mobile Food Pantry is held the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Hearts Campus from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. There are no zip code restrictions and everyone is welcome.

Donate $10 and Hearts will purchase 10 food items
Summer Salad in bowl - send us your favorite recipe

Corporate Volunteer Groups

Recently Hearts has welcomed several corporate volunteer groups onto Hearts Campus to serve in the Commercial Kitchen, Hearts Harvest Food Pantry, and Hearts Thrift Store. Below are a few of the volunteer groups we’ve welcomed from Fidelis Care, Moog, and Target!

If you would like to download a printable pdf, please click here: