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June 2019 Newsletter

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The Heart of a Volunteer

Our Thursday night mobile crew had the great pleasure of having two volunteers in need of community service hours for college credit. Pan Cunningham and Kassy (Kasondra) Jensen both spent 26 hours with Hearts over the course of about 3 months. They fit right in and got to work as if they’d been volunteering on our Mobile Crew for years. We really enjoyed having them and so grateful that they chose Hearts to fulfill their community service hours.

We asked them to complete a questionnaire when they left and share their experiences. Their comments paint great word pictures of what our volunteers do on a nightly basis.

Pan and Kassy volunteer at Hearts for the Homeless

What urged you to sign up for the Mobile Soup Kitchen ministry?

Both Kassy and Pan said, although they needed the hours for school, they had wanted to volunteer at Hearts to experience the work that we do and to help those in need and less fortunate than them.

Describe your nightly duties and responsibilities.

Kassy: Upon arrival, I helped load the sandwiches and then helped dish out the hot meal which I then loaded onto the bus. Onsite, I would either work the door handing out food bags or I helped pass out care packages, toiletries, etc.

Pan: I loaded up the bus with already packed meals; helped with putting hot meals inside containers; passed out bags of toiletries; passed out blankets and clothes, and made sure people were getting what they needed.

How has God touched your heart through your work with the poor and homeless?

Kassy: It has opened my eyes to how many people in Buffalo need help and depend on Hearts for food, clothing, etc. It also makes me realize how fortunate I am, and for the things I have.

Pan: It opened my eyes and heart by showing me that there are people who have needs and are hungry; and, that I need to get involved by blessing them the way God has blessed me throughout my life!

Describe your most memorable experience while volunteering with the mobile soup kitchen.

Kassy: In general, it was nice to feel the gratitude and appreciation from the clients when I was there willingly, during my free time helping. I enjoyed seeing how happy people were receiving food and the other items they received.

Pan: One time it was really cold out and there were still people coming up to get food; the way I was able to put a smile on their faces while handing out meal bags and blankets really touched my heart.

Anything else you would like to share?

Kassy: I enjoyed my time here and meeting everyone, from staff to clients. I hope to be able to return sometime in the future.

Pan: I met amazing people through Hearts and hope to join them again when I know my class schedule.

Hearts would be honored to have such high caliber, hard working people as they are volunteering with us again. We wish Pan and Kassy well with their studies and look forward to seeing them in the future. Do you have 2 hours available one night a week and interested in helping feed the homeless? Email, call our office at 716-877-3536, or fill out an application online at

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Talk from the Street & Heart

5/9: Served 42; a cold, rainy & windy evening; we helped a man with a medical emergency who had just come from a house fire on Elmwood Ave. and was very distraught, we called 911 and prayed with him until the fire company came.

Praying with a homeless man after a house fire. Hearts for the Homeless

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♥ Students get help from our thrift shop: Three students had a lot of fun shopping at Hearts last month. Mrs. Rosario, teacher, at The New Buffalo School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management brought them in. They were in need of clothing for their Class Day at school where they were going to be serving their fellow students. They had a ball looking through all the clothes, accessories, and shoes. Each put together an outfit with shoes, and the girls even got jewelry, and a purse, and they all picked out a watch - all at no charge! This is only made possible through your donations!

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