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Hygiene for the Homeless in the Summer Months

The weather is heating up and we’re all excited to get out of the house again. But not everyone is looking forward to the warmer summer months. People experiencing homelessness face hygienic issues in the summertime that many of us do not think of in our daily lives.

Some of the obstacles that the homeless face are the risks of sunburn, dehydration, and heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Many people do not have a shaded space to go during the day, when the sun is hottest, to cool off. People experiencing homelessness  also may not have access to water, and the higher risk for dehydration can lead to confusion, dizziness, and fatigue.

Another major problem for the homeless population during the summer is the lack of running water. Difficulty finding available bathroom facilities and showers is something that the population lives with every day of the year, but the increased sweating from the summer heat can be harmful. If a person only has one outfit, a build up of sweat on clothing can cause serious health problems, such as rashes and infections. Socks are particularly dangerous when wet, and can wear out quickly with heavy use, causing foot problems.

This year, there is an additional hygienic issue that people facing homelessness have to face. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has recommended that people wash their hands often, but without access to running water the homeless cannot properly follow the safety recommendations. Here at Hearts for the Homeless, we are supplying people with hand sanitizer and other much needed hygienic products.

Help your neighbors through the coming summer months. Consider purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist to provide hygiene kits to people experiencing homelessness, or donate to Hearts for the Homeless today to support our mission.