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Host a Bin

Host a Hearts for the Homeless Bin

Join Hearts for the Homeless® in our mission to enrich our community by hosting a donation bin at your location. It's simple: fill out our form, and we'll set up a donation bin in a spot that works best for you.
This is more than just a bin; it's hope and support.

Here’s how it works:

Hassle-Free Management: We manage all aspects of the donation bin. This includes maintaining cleanliness and managing snow removal during winter months.

Peace of Mind: Rest assured, our donation bins are fully insured, eliminating any worry about liability on your part.

Prompt Service: All of our donation bins are equipped with remote cellular monitoring to ensure donations are collected promptly. Should the bin reach capacity, we commit to emptying it within 24 hours, facilitating a continuous and efficient donation process.

By partnering with Hearts for the Homeless®, you're providing a convenient way for people in your community to donate clothing and other items. These donations are then distributed to those in need through the Hearts Mobile Soup Kitchen; or placed in the Hearts Thrift Stores where 100% of the proceeds go to buy food for our outreach programs. Your participation helps support this vital cause and makes a difference in the lives of others.

This is an invitation to the community to be part of a compassionate movement. Whether you are a school, small business, or church - we encourage you to make a difference by hosting a clothing donation bin. Hosting a bin is a straightforward, impactful way to encourage giving and support within our community. For businesses  and churches, it can enhance your chances of getting new customers and parishioners as these donation bins create free traffic. In rural areas, people are willing to travel 10 miles to find a donation bin.

Ready to make a difference? Fill out our form, and let's spread kindness together.

Hearts for the Homeless® makes donating space for a donation bin very easy. Hearts for the Homeless® keeps the area around the bin clean, free of graffiti, and shoveled in the winter. Donation bins are fully insured, making them worry free for business owners. When a bin is full, Hearts for the Homeless® will empty the donation bin within 24 hours.

Click Here for more information about hosting a donation bin.

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Host a Donation Bin

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