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Hearts Food Pantry Express Expansion to Livingston County

Hearts for the Homeless® has several different outreach programs available to the community and we have served primarily within the city of Buffalo since the start of our ministry in 1990. Characterized by a profound spiritual motivation to share the Word of God, the programs offer nourishing food, as well as clothing, companionship and hope for the future.  As the organization and programs continue to grow, so does our awareness of food insecurity. We now have the chance to support those facing food insecurity outside the city limits. We are excited to announce the Hearts Food Pantry Express is expanding to Livingston County, New York.

Hearts was awarded a $50,000 grant to pilot the Food Pantry Express in Livingston County. We are partnering with the Rochester Area Community Foundation to take the bus on the road and have the opportunity to serve those in need with the dignity of a client choice food pantry. This is a long-lasting investment into the lives of those in need as it will be utilized for years to come. The grant will help serve communities within Livingston County and since the program is mobile, it can always be utilized as needs shift or arise.

We are currently in the planning stages to identify a site location. We are working to build on an existing relationship with a local church in Livingston County; we are passionate about collaborating and working with others to serve those in need. This location happens to be right in an area where food insecurity exists and where transportation can be a barrier to accessing existing support. This grant will provide the funding needed for the pantry to visit Livingston County several times and could plant the seeds for an on-going food pantry in the area.

Hearts is incredibly thankful to have the continuous support of the community and we are seeing this support once again for this new program. We’re happy to be involved with this to share our experience and knowledge with those in Livingston County and the surrounding areas that are interested in joining the effort to fight food insecurity.

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