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February 2020 Newsletter


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On Our Hearts

In January, Hearts Harvest Food Pantry Served 633 People:

It’s been a month since Hearts opened our food pantry. We feel really good about meeting such a critical need in the community. With the closings of the Black Rock Riverside food pantry and Save A Lot, there aren’t other options for free or low cost groceries, especially for those who have to walk. The chatter on the street and even in Hearts Thrift Shop alluded that people in the community were quite upset when the only food pantry in the Black Rock Riverside area closed down.

Many people have found their way to Hearts Harvest Food Pantry. It is open 2 days a week, Monday and Friday. Our food pantry staff has done a terrific job in getting the pantry up and running, stocking the shelves, displaying the food and making this temporary home for the food pantry feel as comfortable as possible (we are still in the renovation stage with the building that will be its permanent location). It’s been a learning curve; ut, with the assistance and training from the people of the FeedMore WNY food bank, we’ve gained the needed knowledge and feel more confident in serving our community. And, most of you know, we’re no strangers to serving! We ven have hot coffee, water, and other beverages set out in the waiting area to make the wait more comfortable.

The staff is also starting to get to know each person and families as they come in to shop for their groceries and find them to be friendly and very appreciative that Hearts Harvest Food Pantry opened. Just like in a grocery store, they get to pick what they want off the shelves. Each shopper has their own personal shopping cart and a shopping assistant (food pantry staff) to guide them along the way.

We also made it a point to chat with them as they waited for their turn to shop in order to find out what their food needs are. For many of them, the end of the month is a critical time as their funds run low. Some use a food pantry to supplement their monthly food budget. They told us what types of food they need most from a pantry; this will help us as we place our food orders. We currently have fresh produce and meat, and canned and dry goods (Thank you Braymiller Market and Chris Desiderio for the produce donations last month).

Hearts is so pleased for the opportunity to serve the community this way. As Enette, one of the ladies that serve in the food pantry, said, “The people are so thankful and what I like most [about serving in the food pantry] is putting smiles on their faces!”


Our new Food Pantry is a perfect opportunity to help Hearts serve our
community. There are a variety of tasks to be done, including being a
shopping assistant. If you are interested in volunteering in our Food Pantry,
please call our office at 877-3536.



By donating, your support changes lives.


Talk from the Street & Heart

1/16: Served 63; cold snowy night. The bus was loaded with blankets gloves & socks – the crowd was thankful and happy.



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