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Featured Article with Kingdom Come


Hearts for the Homeless® was recently featured in an article with Kingdom Come titled “The Gospel Wrapped in A Sandwich”. Hearts’ CEO and President, Nick Calandra, sat down with Amy Tartick and the two discussed Nick’s journey, the remarkable work of the ministry and how Hearts is continuously helping those in the community. 

Nick has been involved with Hearts for over 10 years and back in 2012, the Hearts founder shared with him, “It is not possible to suddenly be faithful in big things if you have not already been faithful in the small things! You always begin small; therefore, you must be faithful in small things; things that seem little, too easy, insignificant, unimportant, menial, not noticed . . . or beneath you. Only then, will you be given responsibility for bigger and more important things.” Nick emphasized that trying to carry that out daily is a big part in Hearts’ story and a significant part of what brought Hearts to where it is today.

With Hearts continuous work over three decades, Nick and Amy discussed Hearts’ longest running program, The Mobile Soup Kitchen. They talked about how it’s a consistent element for the Hearts ministry and some of new things it’s doing for the community. The concept of meeting basic human needs hasn’t changed since 1990, by serving food and building relationships but now The Mobile Soup Kitchen is able offer other items such as clothing, shoes, blankets and toiletries.

Newer programs such as the Hearts Harvest Food Pantry and the Hearts Food Pantry Express are programs that allow our community and surrounding communities in Buffalo an option for “client choice” distribution. Simply put, there is dignity in choice. Choosing food, much of which is fresh and perishable versus just being given a bag or box of items, can be empowering and uplifting. With these programs, Hearts provides a “hand up” to those in need sharing the love of Christ.

Through these programs and all the work it takes, none of this would be possible without Hearts’ passionate volunteers. To close out the article, Nick explains to Amy that our volunteers have such amazing hearts. They are giving their time to serve the community and make a difference in the lives of others.

“As people of God, we are called to serve the hurting and broken. We want to invite you to join us in serving the vulnerable.” — Nick Calandra, Hearts CEO and President. 

To read the full interview between Nick Calandra and Amy Tartick, visit The Chapel’s Kingdom Come article.

"Hearts for the Homeless® is a major player in caring for the homeless." - Abby, Partner Relations