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Donation Center WNY

There are plenty of donation centers around WNY, but did you know you can find our donation bins just about anywhere? You’ve probably heard of other donation centers like Goodwill, AMVETS, The Buffalo City Mission. These donation centers are all great organizations in their own right, but what if you don’t live close to a WNY donation center? Hearts for the Homeless has provided WNY with our red donation bins placed all over this side of the state, so you can easily access them no matter where you are. Anything thats not dirty or wet can go! Childrens and adults clothing, as well as coats, shoes, belts, purses, hats, etc.

When you bring your clothing to our donation centers in WNY, you’re helping put a shirt on someones back. Sure, we supply this clothing to people in need, but it goes much deeper than that. When you leave clothing in our donation center bins, we utilize the items to go to people all over the world. We also utilize the clothing to fill our thrift store, which the proceeds go on to fund after school programs, our mobile soup kitchen, and much more! Just check out our donation bin locator to see where your nearest bin is and change a life today!

Find a Hearts for the Homeless Donation Center in WNY