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Donation Box Locations WNY

So you know you want donate some old clothing, but want it to go to a good cause. You’re in luck! Here you will find all of our donation box locations in WNY. We started planting donation box locations around the area a few years back, but we’ve invested heavily in expanding our reach out even further. There’s a few key reasons why we want to plant as many donation box locations as possible. One reason is that if an individual lives far away from a thrift store or other donation locations, to offer a solution instead of letting good clothing go to waste. Another reason is that we’ve seen significant growth in the use of our donation box locations, and it means only more services provided to the homeless.

From the clothing supplied to our donation box locations around WNY, we utilize those items to supply those in need, fill our thrift store in Buffalo, which proceeds then go back into other programs like our Mobile Soup Kitchen, after school programs and much more! If you want more information on how you can help our effort, just give us a call or fill out our contact form!

Find a Donation Box Location in WNY