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Donation Bins WNY

Have you seen the red donation bins in WNY? You probably have a few questions why these donation bins have popped up all over Western New York. You may already be able to tell, but these donation bins obviously are for donating clothing. What you may not know, is that these WNY donation bins are actually what help support the efforts of Hearts for the Homeless. What does this mean? Items that you donate or drop off at any of our donation bins in WNY are used within our thrift store in Buffalo, and also donated to those in need. The proceeds collected from the thrift store go back into our Mobile Soup Kitchen, as well as after school programs. Items are also recycled and the proceeds go back into our outreach programs. Remember next time you drive by one of our donation bins in WNY, that you can help change the lives of someone in need. When you are with a friend or colleague, and you see one of our donation bins around WNY, let them know what they’re there for!

All of our donation bins are designed to notify us when the bin is full, and you can find them anywhere around WNY. You can use our website to find the nearest donation bin to you, but remember we don’t only serve the Buffalo area! Our donation bins are all over the Western side of the state! No matter where you are, you’ll easily be able to get access to our donation bins.

Find Donation Bins in WNY