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Community And Corporate Collaboration


A selfless mentality coupled with a people-centered mindset drives Aurubis Buffalo’s passion for bettering the community it serves. Their plant operates by the people and for the people. They proudly partner with local nonprofits to address the direct needs of their workers and the greater Buffalo community. One of the most basic requirements of human life can also be one of the hardest to come by. By partnering with Hearts for the Homeless®, Aurubis Buffalo helps to clothe and feed the chronic homeless, poor, and those in need. 

Aurubis Buffalo has been a great partner to Hearts since 2021. They host both our red clothing donation bin and our can and bottle bin at their business on Military Road in Buffalo. Aurubis Buffalo regularly collects recycled bottles and cans around their plant and office, then donates 100% of the funds raised through those collections (at $.06 per container) to Hearts. On top of that, they double their impact in the community by matching that donation. Since partnering with Hearts, Aurubis has donated $6,287 to help carry out our mission.

This year they have continued to raise the bar on their contributions to Hearts by having a group of employees spend the day with us at Hearts Campus to volunteer in our various outreach programs. They helped stock the pantry, organize the garage and sort clothing for the mobile soup kitchen.


We are continuously grateful for the leadership and staff at Aurubis Buffalo for their dedication to helping the community and choosing to partner with Hearts!

Click the link for more information on how to get involved with can and bottle donations: