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Clothing Donation WNY

Did you know that Hearts for the Homeless provides clothing donation bins in WNY? Clothing donation in WNY is as easy as locating a clothing donation bin right here on our website. Simply bring any of your gently used clothing to donate, and use our bin locator tool to find the one nearest you! When it comes to what clothing you can donate, it really comes down to 3 rules. Nothing dirty, nothing damp, nothing with an odor. Anything else goes! We accept any childrens, mens, or women’s clothing, coats, shoes, belts, purses, hats, etc. Any clothing that you drop off in our WNY clothing donation bins will be properly cleaned and cared for, and brought to our thrift shop in Buffalo NY. From there we utilize the profits from clothing donations in WNY to help source our mobile soup kitchen, after school programs, and other care for the less lucky individuals of WNY.

Any of your clothing donations can be provided with a receipt by using our website form which you can find here, or simply calling us at (716) 877-3536. A lot of people around WNY think the only places to drop off their clothing donations are at Goodwill, Amvets, or other thrift stores, but we want all of WNY to know they can donate clothing almost anywhere in WNY.

Find a Clothing Donation Bin in WNY