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Clothes Drop Off WNY

Where in WNY do you go to drop off clothes to donate? You may have heard of people utilizing places like AMVETS, The Buffalo City Mission, Goodwill as options for clothes drop off in WNY. These organizations do wonderful things for the community in their own right, but if you’re in a location that isn’t close in proximity to one of the clothes drop offs, what do you do? Did you know that Hearts for the Homeless provides clothes drop off points all over WNY? When you donate clothing to Hearts for the Homeless, you aren’t only dropping off clothes and making a charitable donation. You’re becoming part of a bigger picture. You’re helping the change the way WNY works. We utilize your donations to help those in need by providing after school programs, feeding the homeless, and much much more!

Our red donation bins are planted, and we’re only going to continue to plant more! Utilizing our bins, you can find a clothes drop off within a mile of basically anywhere in Western New York. No longer do you have to lug all of your clothes donations to the local store, or even worse, the dump! If you’re in a community that doesn’t have a place to make donations, don’t forget about our red donation bins! You can drop clothing off in the drop off point, and just go to our website to receive your receipt! Check out our bin locator to see where the nearest point is!

Find a Clothes Drop Off Bin in WNY