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WNY Church Unleashed

Pastor Jeremiah Smith from Parkside Lutheran Church invited Hearts for the Homeless’ CEO & President Nick Calandra to share on WNY Church Unleashed. Hearts has a special connection to Parkside Lutheran as the home church of Nick and his family.

In this segment of “A View from the Pew”, Nick and Pastor Jeremiah discuss “going all in” to continue to serve those in need during times of uncertainty.

Despite the unique challenges the pandemic presented Hearts, the work of the ministry erupted when we determined God was entrusting us to push on and we have served more individuals and families than ever before.

Due to the resources Hearts had ready to utilize at the beginning of the pandemic, coupled with The Lord’s provision, our reach, capacity, and resources have been expanded to continue to serve those in need. 

Hearts experienced a remarkable increase of meals served to the community from 12,000 meals served annually to about 60,000 meals served at the height of the pandemic.

At Hearts, we are incredibly humbled and blessed to have played a part in assisting our region through some of the most challenging situations it has ever faced.

There are many ways that you can partner with Hearts to “go all in” for the community:

Stop by the Hearts Campus to visit our newly dedicated Hearts Harvest Pantry & Cafe
Donate clothing in one of our donations bins around the region. Bin Finder
Contribute financially to the work of Hearts for the Homeless® Donate