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August 2019 Newsletter

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Feeding the Homeless & Poor – A Portrait of an Evening Out

There’s nothing like photos to describe what actually happens when Hearts goes out to feed the poor and homeless. Crew members find their niche from the list of tasks at hand and the evening outreach falls into place. Each picture portrays an authentic story and glimpse into the interactions between our team and street friends; the relationships built; and even relationships between street friends (these photos are courtesy of our Tuesday Night Mobile Crew).

After loading up the bus with food, clothing, toiletries, blankets and cold water, Hearts’ Tuesday Night Mobile Crew drives downtown on Hearts MobileSoup Kitchen bus for an evening of serving the homeless & poor.

Some team members, like Kirsten, need to stay on the bus to prepare the take away bags for handing out to clients.

Frank signs in the clients and hands out razors that he personally donates each week.

Brian shakes hands with a very happy client who received boots the week before and points out Frank who donated them. This man was not only thrilled to have received the boots, but so appreciative to be the one chosen to receive them, especially after he researched them on the library’s computer and found out how expensive they were!


Do you have 2 hours available one night a week and interested in helping feed the homeless? Email, call our office at 716-877-3536, or fill out an application online at

By donating, your support changes lives.


Talk from the Street & Heart

 7/16: Served 65. A man ran right up to us, to our surprise, he requested prayer and not concerned about getting food. As we prayed for him, he dropped to his his knees and cried.

Hearts for the Homeless Praying with the homeless

Team leader Rob, makes sure everyone receives prayer; praying behind Rob is long time team member, Ron, who faithfully volunteers amidst his own battle with Parkinson’s.

Support the homeless by donating to one of our red Donation Bins. Donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories can be made at one of our 400+ distinctive red bins. Your donations directly support the poor and homeless. While proceeds from our thrift store and recycling ministry are used to feed those in need and to maintain and expand our ministry. Use our Bin Finder below to find your nearest donation bin:

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Thrift Shop News

Muslim woman asked for prayer: As we have shared in the past, our staff prays everyday for the Riverside community. And, many times people come in and request prayer right in the midst of our thrift shop. Recently, staff member, Tess, was approached by a Muslim woman who was whispering to her, “Are you a Christian?” It was so low Tess wasn’t sure what she was saying and asked her to repeat the question which was followed by another whispered question, “Will you pray for me?” Even our Muslim friends know where they can feel comfortable and trust us with their requests. Tess prayed for our Muslim friend and we know that God will use Tess’ prayers for the greater good for her.

Fall shopping, back to school: Get ready! The fall season is approaching and Hearts wants to help you prepare. Quality back to school clothing for kids of all ages, at very affordable prices, will begin to show up on our racks soon. As always, you will also find adult sizes in clothing for work or play in beautiful fall colors. Check us out first before paying full price at other stores.


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