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April 2020 Newsletter

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On Our Hearts

It certainly is a different time for all of us. We pray that you and your family are safe and healthy, and that you’ve been able to find your own normal and pleasant diversions while at home.

As we watch the news and hear about all the heroes on the frontlines, Hearts admires and salutes them all for their sacrifices. While Hearts pushes forward to carry out our mission as an essential provider of food for the homeless and community, we want to recognize the heroes among us, allowing us to stay on task.

Those heroes are our staff and volunteers – who continue to come and prepare sandwiches and meals for the homeless; board Hearts Mobile Soup Kitchen shuttle to fulfill our promise to always be downtown at the library with a meal to distribute to those in need; keep our food pantry open so that the many families in need within the community can still get groceries; scour, clean and disinfect our outreach building with a vigor like never before; answer the many phone calls from people with multiple needs, offering kindness and direction when their need isn’t within our realm to fulfill. These aren’t easy tasks while trying to practice social distancing.

As agencies have closed down because of the Covid-19 virus, Hearts has seen an increase in the number of people we are serving in our food pantry within and beyond the zip code area we usually serve. We are helping people who have never needed help before. Hearts will continue to feed the poor and homeless downtown and provide groceries through our food pantry as we walk through this trying time together.

As Easter is upon us, we can think of the blessings that the resurrection of Christ brings. We may be celebrating in a different way this year; but the fact remains, the tomb was empty and Jesus rose from the dead. Luke 24:6-7

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy
Easter and Resurrection Sunday.

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Talk from the Street & Heart

3/7: Served 86; we have served some big crowds this month! Many who came to eat are regulars; but, when we see an increase in numbers, it confirms the real need on the streets and in the community. We are grateful we can still be there to provide a meal for each one.