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A Unique Way To Give Back To The Community

Hearts for the Homeless® can accept your generous donations of cans and bottles which contributes 8.5 cents per returnable towards the work of the organization. This is a simple way to partner with us and give back to the community. 

And that’s actually what two local schools did recently.

In December 2023, teacher Kristi D from Parkdale Elementary in East Aurora, coordinated with Hearts for an incredibly successful can and bottle drive where 100% of the proceeds benefited Hearts and our feeding programs. This event was a part of their 2nd grader’s “12 Days of Kindness” holiday event where the students participated in different tasks and events to support the community during the holiday season. The drive was open to the East Aurora community. They collected 12,988 cans and bottles and raised $1,947.60! After sharing the grand total with Kristi, she said they’re hoping to make this an annual event as a way for the students to help give back each year.


Just last month in January, the senior class of 2024 at Lancaster High School organized their annual Food, Clothing, and Bottle Drive to support the community. The students collected and then donated nine pallets of used clothing and six pallets of cans and bottles and donated them all to Hearts’ outreach team. They donated 6,478 cans and bottles for a total amount raised of $971.70

Hearts’ outreach volunteers lend a hand to process the can and bottles for these drives in our processing machines to help collect the total for us.

Click the link for more information on how to get involved with can and bottle donations: